Kodiak Wildlife Adventure

Die Zachar Bay Lodge liegt an der Westküste von Kodiak Island, umgeben vom National Wildlife Refuge, in dem zahlreiche Kodiak-Braunbären leben. Für Fotografen und Naturliebhaber bietet «The Cannery» den idealen Ausgangspunkt um die Wildnis zu erkunden. Braunbären, Rehwild, Füchse, Seeotter, Wale, Robben und Seelöwen sind mit etwas Glück sogar direkt vor der Haustür zu beobachten.

Mit einem Linienflug erreichen Sie die Stadt Kodiak, wo Sie die erste Nacht verbringen. Am nächsten Tag führt Sie ein spektakulärer Flug an die Katmai Küste zur Bärenbeobachtung. Der genaue Ort ist abhängig von der Saison und vom Wetter sowie dem aktuellen Vorkommen der Bären. Anschliessend bringt Sie das Wasserflugzeug zur Zachar Bay Lodge. «The Cannery», einst eine Fischfabrik, wurde zu einer Lodge umgebaut und kürzlich gänzlich renoviert. Die Unterkunft verfügt über zweckmässig eingerichtete Zimmer. In den Gemeinschaftsräumen ist noch heute die urprüngliche Atmosphäre der alten «Cannery» zu spüren. Während des Aufenthaltes erleben Sie die Wildnis hautnah bei einem Bootsausflug zur Beobachtung der Meerestiere sowie einer Wanderung durch die einzigartige Flora der Insel Kodiak.

Am Tag 5 werden Sie zurück nach Kodiak City für die letzte Übernachtung geflogen, am Tag 6 geht es mit dem Linienflug zurück zum Ausgangspunkt nach Anchorage.


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You’ll take a commercial flight from Anchorage to Kodiak, where'll spend your first night in a hotel. Enjoy your free time to explore Kodiak City.

Depart the town of Kodiak and take in the sights as your wildlife adventure takes you to a bear viewing area. The fully guided bear viewing experience starts in the air with voice activated headsets and the opportunity to see deer, bears and whale as you traverse emerald isle’s majestic mountains and serene fiords. After landing at your destination, a 30 minute walk will have you standing at the edge of a river for approximately an hour and a half watching bears in their natural habitat fishing, playing and sparring. A professional camera with a large lens is not required as many have taken treasured and beautiful photos with their phones. Tour destina-tions and experiences vary depending on the season.

Another scenic flight will take you to Zachar Bay Lodge where you will meet the staff, be shown your room and provided a lunch. After lunch you may choose to tour the historic cannery and lodge grounds, kayak around the cove, or take a short boat tour around the bay. The grounds tour would include touring the old cannery turned herring reduction plant that ceased operating decades ago, seeing the high water mark from the great tsunami caused by an earthquake in 1964, and visiting the mu-seum and learning about local fishing history.

The family style dinner is served at 6:30pm in the remodeled, original cannery dining hall. Enjoy your meal with other guests, the crew, the lodge owner, and his family for lively conversations about life in the bay, living off the grid, and Kodiak’s abun-dant natural resources.

Wake up to a hearty breakfast at 7:30 am, before boarding a custom-made aluminum boat. Still within the bay you may see a raft of sea otters bobbing in the water, watch a commercial fishing boat pull in its catch, and search the waters for signs of whale. After about 20 minutes travel you will arrive in Spiridon Bay to find sea lions lounging on a small island, harbor seals sunning themselves along the shore, and more sea otters. The multitude of water birds nesting and feed-ing on the plentiful food source include puffins, oyster catchers, cormorants, gulls, and terns. You will then visit other bird rookeries before heading to a beach for a picnic lunch. During the lunch period you can stretch your legs and look for shells, rocks and other beach treasures.

You’ll then boat back to Zachar Bay following the shore so you can better watch eagles and the occasional fox, deer, or bear. Further from the shore you can spot whales and other sea ani-mals. Return to appetizers and beverages in the dining hall and relax on the deck or walk the beach before dinner at 6:30pm.

After breakfast, the captain will take you and your guide to the head of the bay and drop you off for your hike to the river. You’ll begin on the ocean shore and traverse up an old riverbed until you find yourself wading through a small area of tall grass. From these vantage points you may see eagles and their nests, fox, deer, and a variety of small birds, as well as a multitude of Alaskan flora. As you enter a small wooded ar-ea, look for signs of beaver activity and bear scat, or bear fur rubbed on trees, as well as the numerous songbirds that make this area their home.

Emerge from the woods to view the river and see schools of fish ready to spawn. There is a nice hill to sit and eat lunch while looking for bear that might come to fish. While waiting for the bears you could fish if you’d like or you could explore up river further and see the beautiful river gorge, another area in which bears often congregate. At the appointed time, hike back out to the pick-up point and be boated back to the lodge.

After dinner you can enjoy the scenery, search for more songbirds or a glimpse of a snowshoe hare, or visit the museum again. Don’t miss the amazing sunsets later in the season.

Enjoy your last lodge breakfast. You’ll depart by floatplane and return to Kodiak City by about 10am. Overnight in Kodiak City.

You’ll take a commercial flight back to Anchorage.


Preis pro Person im Doppelzimmer CHF 4’750.–
Preis pro Person im Einzelzimmer CHF 5’550.–


Der Preis hängt von der Verfügbarkeit der Flüge ab. Preisänderungen vorbehalten.



01. bis 25. Juni 2020

16. Juli bis 31. August 2020

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  • Inlandflug nach Kodiak und zurück
  • 2 Übernachtungen in Kodiak
  • Flug mit Wasserflugzeug zur Lodge und zurück
  • Bärenbeobachtungsausflug
  • 3 Übernachtungen in der Lodge
  • Vollpension in der Lodge
  • Geführter Bootsausflug
  • Geführte Wanderung
  • Regenschutz und Gummistiefel

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  • Trinkgelder
  • Optionale Ausflüge
  • Übrige Mahlzeiten


Eine Vor- und Nachübernachtung in Anchorage ist dringend empfohlen!


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