Costa Rica & Panama

«Kleine Schiffe – Grosse Erlebnisse!» unter diesem Motto erleben Sie auf dieser 8-tägigen Reise die farbenfrohe Flora & Fauna Costa Ricas und als krönender Abschluss die Durchquerung des Panamakanals.

Nach der Einschiffung auf die Safari Voyager geht es direkt ins Abenteuer! Fregattenvögel, Papageien, Kapuzineräffchen, Kolibris, Faultiere oder Buckelwale, Wasserschildkröten und vieles mehr – Ihre Reise beginnt mit wilder Natur. Im Kajak paddelnd durch Mangroven, Schnorchelausflüge oder auf Dschungelwanderungen entdecken Sie die Artenvielfalt ober und unter Wasser in ihren natürlichen Lebensräumen. Die Krönung dieser Reise ist die Fahrt durch den grossen Panamakanal. Zertifizierte Führer begleiten immer kleine Gruppen von max. 12 Personen.


8 Tage


max. 66

Ab - Bis

San José - Panama City oder umgekehrt

You’ll be greeted at the airport upon your arrival and swooped off to the hospitality suite before transferring to the vessel for a warm welcome from your captain and crew. Toast to adventure over dinner as you sail along the Pacific coast.

At the southeastern tip of Nicoya Peninsula - in the tangled mangroves of Curu - the cycle of life is everywhere. Local “residents” include everything from exotic birds and deer to leafcutter ants, snake-eating frogs, and hungry crocodiles. Step carefully as you cross the swinging bridge, you don’t want to land on the menu! Land crabs shift in and out of their burrows with such force it’s enough to make the earth move. Trails offer prime howler and spider monkey viewing, and a chance to glimpse the immense blue morpho butterfly. An afternoon beach party offers up a chance to swim and stroll along shore.

Adventure lies around every bend in the isolated, wild Osa Conservation Area, home to the country’s largest national park, Corcovado. Drake Bay, named after its discoverer Sir Francis Drake and fabled to house the explorer’s hidden treasures, is also known for hundreds of distinct species of plants and trees and its diverse plant and animal species. A whopping 2.5% of the entire planet’s biodiversity is found here - including all four of Costa Rica’s monkeys, tree frogs, caimans, anteaters, scarlet macaws, coatis, and 16 different species of hummingbird. Explore this vast area putting feet to trail on an invigorating hike through the jungle. At the end of the day, enjoy the sunset and retell stories of the day with your travel-mates.

A birder’s haven, explore a botanical reserve exploding with vibrant color. From bromeliads, ginger plants, and heliconias, to toucans, hummingbirds, mischievous monkeys, and fluttering butterflies - there’s a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, and tastes in every tree and bush you pass on your walking tour. In Golfo Dulce, the “sweet gulf” which separates Osa Peninsula from the mainland and one of only four tropical fjords on the planet, explore the rare flora and fauna of mangroves by kayak and skiff. Bottlenose, spotted, and spinner dolphins also swim in the waters of this tucked away wilderness.

Sail through the islands of Coiba National Park, making a stop at Granito de Oro islet. Offering a little bit of everything despite its small size, volcanic outcroppings at either end of this tiny landmass and a dense, mini-jungle in the center connect with a dreamy white sand beach. Named one of the world’s top 10 diving sites, your day of play features snorkeling among abundant marine life, kayaking around rocky outcroppings, and lounging on the warm sand for a casual beach party with the local hermit crabs. Hop to the park’s main island for a stretch of the legs on a trail through this tropical jungle. Mantled howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, and two turtle species call Isla Coiba home.

Wake up in paradise. Start with fresh-brewed coffee and a little limbering up with guided stretches on deck. As always, the hardest part is picking the “what.” Your guides know the trails and help you spot monkeys, hummingbirds, and towering balsa trees. Slip into the drink for a kayak or snorkel. Go exploring by skiff. Or, just kick back in a hammock under swaying palms. Then it's cruising time. Settle into a comfy lounge chair and take in the views.

Cruise through the diverse isles and atolls in the Gulf of Panama hosting hundreds of avian and marine mammal species. Guides give presentations and your captain determines the best locations and activities based on what nature delivers. And be on the lookout for a silvery glint streaking across the water - it could be mobula rays taking flight.

After an early breakfast, bid adiós to your crew. Make a stop at the Agua Clara Visitor Center. Take in the views of Lake Gatun and the newly expanded locks. Then your transfer continues, taking you to the airport for your flight home or to begin your optional hotel stay.


Preis pro Person in Doppelkabine - Master Cabin - ab CHF 5’590.–
Preis pro Person in Doppelkabine - Commander Cabin - ab CHF 5’990.–
Preis pro Person in Doppelkabine - Captain Cabin - ab CHF 6’590.–


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01. bis 08. Oktober 2022 (San José - Panama City)

03. bis 10. Dezember 2022 (Panama City - San José)

10. bis 17. Dezember 2022 (San José - Panama City)

17. bis 24. Dezember 2022 (Panama City - San José)

24. bis 31. Dezember 2022 (San José - Panama City)

31. Dezember 2022 bis 07. Januar 2023 (Panama City - San José)

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Die luxuriöse Jacht Safari Voyager verbindet gekonnt Abenteuer und Sport mit Erholung und Entspannung und bietet Ihnen auf Ihrer Reise ein hohes Mass an Komfort. Nach einem erlebnisreichen Tag an Land und im Wasser erwartet Sie die Crew an Bord und versucht, Ihnen die Wünsche von den Augen abzulesen. Auf vier Passagierdecks stehen ein Esszimmer, ein Salon mit Bar und Weinlounge sowie ein Aussenbereich zum Entspannen und beobachten zur Verfügung. An Bord befinden sich 32 komfortabel eingerichtete Aussenkabinen. Die Safari Voyager ist ausgestattet für Abenteurer: Kajaks, Paddle-boards, Aufblasbare Skiffs, Schnorchelausrüstung, Nassanzüge, und eine Schwimmplattform, die über die ganze Breite reicht für einen einfachen Zugang zum Wasser.

Das Angebot an Bord sowie die Ausstattung kann je nach Schiff ändern. Änderungen vorbehalten.

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